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                                                Guarantee and Terms

Guarantee? All work undertaken by MrFreeviewFixit comes with a 12 month warranty*. What this means for you is peace of mind. If any issue arises in relation to the quality of the workmanship, no matter how many times, you are welcome to give us a call and we will return and fix the issue at no extra charge**. 

 Extended Guarantee? No need to worry, simply purchase additional coverage at the cost of £60 per year or £150 for 3 years. Either click on 'Contact Us' to send a quick email quoting work done (eg. telephone, Cat5e, Sky/Aerial installation) and date carried out, for further details, or call 07917 354 395.
Terms* All work performed comes at a standard minimum charge of £50. Any work undertaken for less than £50 is at the forfeiture of free call back. Under no circumstance is any work under £50 covered by the 12 month guarantee, period.

**All installations covered by the 12 month guarantee are subject to applicable parking and congestion fees being reimbursed. Original dated invoice/receipt must be presented. 


Issues must be pertaining to workmanship relative to the job done. Example: Though MrFreeviewFixit does telephone engineer work etc., telephone related job that has not been performed by MrFreeviewFixit will not fall under the warranty given for a sky installation.



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