MRFIXIT MRFIXIT Picture1 Trees obstructed signal quality and needed a 20ft pole to achieve goal. Note: No job too big or too small. All work guaranteed. 110409980 Picture2 Aerial Cable damaged by Foxes. 110409983 Picture2a A closer look at cable damage. Customer complained that foxes keep biting the cable. 110409967 Picture2b Metal Capping Installed to protect TV Cable. Note: No job too big or too small. All work guaranteed. 110409986 Picture3 Above is the New Digital Aerial. Below is Old Analogue Aerial giving poor picture. 110409982 Picture3a New Digital Aerial Installed giving 100% signal quality. 110409985 Picture4 Is an original Aerial Installation 18 Element which is pointing to the Hemel Hempstead Transmitter:- 1. Test results show poor db signal from Hemel Hempstead Transmitter. 110409969 Picture4b Pulled cable out of Pole and discovered Taped joint. 110409973 Picture4a Upon closer inspection shows cable stuffed inside Pole hiding connection. 110409971 Picture4c Unprofessional workmanship of previous Aerial Installer. Can clearly see that both wires have been twisted together and taped leaving connection open to rain water leading to correction and water ingress in Air-spaced dielectric Cable. 110409974 Picture4d Rectified with the installation of a Barrel Joint. Customer now has good signal. 110409976 Picture5 Installing Sky Dish on Roof. 110409970 Picture5a. Fitting Sky Dish to Chimney. 110410009 Picture5c Sky Dish Installation completed. 110410010 Picture6. Upgraded customer 4 cable Lnb to an 8 Octo Lnb. Octo Lnb provides Double Multi Room Experience + Record Function. 110409999 Picture7 Bought New HD Satellite Kit from B&Q for customer. Buy now while stocks last! 110410008 Picture7b Installation kit to fit for customer. 110409988 Picture7c New HD Sky Dish Installation completed. 110410007 Picture8a. Installing 2 cables to Sky Dish. 110406354 Picture8b. Showing 2 cables attached to Sky Dish completed. 110409987 Picture9 Assembling 60cm Dish + Quad LNB. 110409993 Picture9a. Installing Dish on customer roof completed. 108710488 110409978 Installing Sky HD multiroom + rec function to additional Sky HD box in customers Conservatory. 110410005 Picture14. Bad tv reception in 4 bedrooms. 119594196 Picture14a. Only receiving 25% Signal Gain on tester. Need minimum 50% Signal Strength. 119594208 Picture14b. Closer inspection have found aerial wire is damaged. 119594211 Picture14c. Need to replace aerial wire 119594198 Picture15. Installing 1 additional tv point 119594200 119594203 Picture15a. Fixiing Upstairs Bedroom tv cable to external wall. 119594202 Picture15b. Sealing up hole cavity to prevent any rain water ingress in wall. 119594205 Picture14. Mounting 20" tv to wall. 119600795 Picture14a. Mounting tv to wall completed. 119600796